Furniture Restoration

Beginners – Advanced (Evenings / Day / Weekend)

Fully restoring an item of furniture that may be broken, damaged or in need of repolishing, or the surface just reviving, is a wonderfully satisfying skill to learn. The skills you learn can be practised and used at home.

Our course is designed to impart these skills and techniques in an informal manner, whereby you can learn at your own pace with no previous knowledge required. Accompanying notes and learning packages are supplied, as are all the materials needed to complete your projects.

If you have and small items of furniture (small tables, chairs, boxes, writing slopes or tea caddies are perfect) then please bring them with you, or items to practice on can be provided.

Course includes repairing broken or loose joints, repairs to veneers, filling and disguising scratches or dents, reviving and repolishing surfaces, basic upholstery.

Tutor: Mike Thompson

French Polishing

The traditional art of polishing furniture (often known as “French Polishing”) is a time honoured skill, that although taking a long time to master, the techniques can be learnt quickly, giving you the skills to practice at home.

You will learn the right way to fully strip or just clean the old surfaces, preparing them for the polishing process, then to apply the correct stain, before understanding and practicing the processes involved in applying shellac-based polishes, filling and diguising dents and scratches, and finishing with beeswax polishes, to produce the beautiful, deep, shine that only traditional polishing can produce.

All handouts, course information, and materials are included in the fee.

Tutor: Mike Thompson


Beginners – Advanced (Evenings / Day)

Our upholstery course starts with a simple traditional drop-in seat and a modern upholstered stool. You will learn to use all the tools and equipment needed to complete your project. Course notes accompany the practical skills, and you could progress to more advanced projects such as overstuffed and sprung armchairs.

This course can lead to City and Guilds qualifications, if you wish.

Tutor: Paul Richmond

Chair Seating

Beginners – Advanced (Evenings / Day)

This course will teach you how to use cane to complete a traditional 6-way pattern caned seat. Or you could learn to use the technique of rush or sea-grass seating to complete a chair or stool.

All courses include course notes, hand outs and all the materials required for the project.

Please feel free to bring your own chairs to work on, or items can be provided for you to practice on.

Tutor: Paul Richmond

Box Making

Beginners – Advanced (Day / Weekends)

A short course involving some basic cabinet making, veneering, fitting and fixing of hardware, and finishing to a small box (jewellery, trinket etc) to your own design, to take home with you.

There are notes to accompany this course and all the tools, equipment and materials are provided and included in the price.

The course includes: designing; marking-out and cutting of timber; glueing-up and sanding; cuttting and laying veneers; finishing with polish, oils and wax; lining of interiors.

Tutor: Mike Thompson

Picture Framing

Beginners (Daytime)

In completing this course you will learn the skills of mounting and framing a picture of your choice.

The cost includes use of all equipment, and all the meaterials necessary to complete your picture.


Please read the course details to choose your course and course dates and either complete a form on this site, email us or ring us to arrange your booking. Once you have registered and agreed dates, payment can be made by cheque (payable to M.F.R.C.Ltd) or by PayPal.

Please confirm whether you will require a car parking space or a list of accommodation in the area.

Comments from previous participants:

“. . working in your workshop with other students helped me learn skills, partly from watching others learn, that I feel I could take home with me and work on items of furniture on my own . .”

“. . the handouts were useful, but constant tuition and demonstration by the tutor helped me grasp the techniques necessary to learn new skills . .”