Evening Classes

Learning a new practical skill, repartee, some music of your choice, blended with the background smell of coffee and methylated spirits, this is a furniture restoration class at Moulsham Mill under the unconventional tutelage of Mike Thompson.

The fact that a few people, strangers with nothing more in common than the wish to improve the appearance of a small piece of furniture, have over the past eighteen months gelled into a group of friends with ever increasing knowledge and skills with the confidence to use these skills due entirely to the enthusiasm of our tutor Mike Thompson.

Each person brings their own item of furniture to the class. Obviously these pieces vary in size, the type of wood, the construction, the condition and value. Mike uses these pieces for impromptu Master Classes. We often inspect , offer advice and comments, not always polite, on the progress of pieces of furniture. This too is part of our learning curve. We can see and feel our mistakes and are now able, with help, to rectify them ‘nothing is irreversible’ is a favourite quote.

Due to Mike’s initial comments and unstinting practical help his students are now tackling more complex techniques on an ever widening variety of furniture. Friends and family members now trust us with their treasured pieces!

This knowledge and confidence is due entirely to tutor Mike’s infectious enthusiasm, many years of experience in this craft, his love of wood and his keen interest in the history of furniture.

Thank you Mike for sharing this with us.

Frances, Kathy, Terry, Ray and Beryl. From Thursday night.

Ercol Dining Table and Chairs

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Oak Table

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Round Table

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